July 23rd @Footnight LA registration opening this weekend! Prepare for an EPIC #footparty! http://t.co/44OlVTKXhE http://t.co/8l4HTHPLQG
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RT @OdetteDelacroix: Who wears her @footnight shirt while traveling? http://t.co/Srs8EUoPF1 http://t.co/MCO8ZiAeDB
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RT @OdetteDelacroix: Who wears her @FNIpromotions @footnight shirt while traveling? Me!! #foot #feet #toes http://t.co/slCQo44jIu http://t.
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RT @ReneeAdamsXXX: @ImYourLifeNow @QuinnHelix & ME (@ReneeAdamsXXX) lastnight @MsJacquelineD's @FootNight-#OrangeCounty! #whiteparty-#OC ht…
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RT @ReneeAdamsXXX: had a great time @MsJacquelineD's @FootNight-#OrangeCounty #Whiteparty lastnight w/ @ImYourLifeNow & @RussellPeterXXX ht…
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Check out last night's @Footnight Las Vegas #Footparty review at http://t.co/6bRa0FjWCn ... Phenomenal record-breaking event!
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RT @Glamazon_Kat: Well, looks like I'm not a @footnight virgin anymore! Thanks to everyone involved for making it a lovely night! #footfeti…
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Just added wrestler and Olympic gymnast Skype Storm to Tomorrow's Las Vegas @Footnight http://t.co/6bRa0FjWCn http://t.co/alLPtlhQHp
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Just 4 days till the beachwear and bikini @Footnight in Las Vegas! http://t.co/6bRa0FjWCn http://t.co/ssxu5G3jiG
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RT @Caroline_Pierce: Hey #LasVegas! Next Thursday June 25, I'll be back at the monthly @FootNight foot fetish party! Which of you will I se…
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RT @EXXXOTICA: "Strike Play 101 with Mistress Isabella Sinclaire" in Seminar A at 3:45 pm @gwenmedia #EXXXOTICACHI http://t.co/ZfPCWE8qOa
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RT @Caroline_Pierce: I'll be in town for the next #LasVegas @FootNight foot fetish party June 25. Looking forward to it! It's been awhile s…
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RT @Glamazon_Kat: Still debating polish for Toronto @footnight party. Textured polish: nice against your lips/tongue or no? #footfetish htt…
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RT @EroticNikki: Had an awesome lunch with @FootNight It was so good seeing you! Love you!!
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RT @MsDragonRand: Had a great night @footnight.  Definitely must do again next time. I can't wait. It was awesome.
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